We are Green

Our commitment to sustainability

RGG Catering considers protection of our local environment while catering to be an essential community and corporate responsibility. Environmental care is a primary focus of our company on all levels from management to on site crews.

Developing a sustainability program is an integral aspect of all our operations and is constantly evolving to ensure a minimal environmental footprint. We take pride in our healthy and sustainable foods and food service products that can be sourced fresh and locally to serve our diverse range of clients.

RGG Catering meets the challenge of ensuring a varied menu that appeals to the health conscious client, the comfort food seeker and the active worker. We take strides to source local, fresh and seasonal products that assist in supporting our local communities and ensuring a strong sustainable market.

Preferences are always changing with our customers seeing the benefits of high quality, nutritious food as part of a healthy, active lifestyle that can be sourced fresh locally.

Some of our culinary commitments to our green initiative are listed below.

  • Incorporation of non-GMO food products.

  • Sourcing fresh, local products whenever possible.

  • Sourcing Canadian grass-fed beef when accessible based on location.

  • Only Ocean Wise fish choices are used in our culinary menus.

  • Only fair trade Rainforest Alliance certified coffee is offered in our camps.

  • The use of whole grains whenever possible.

  • Our menu focus is based on fresh ‘seasonal produce’ rather than sourcing out of season products

  • Making our indulgent menu choices or ‘comfort foods’, fresh, with quality ingredients rather than using heavily processed ready-made items

  • Preference for antibiotic free poultry and beef choices

Recycling and composting programs are used whenever permitted by the location. The proceeds of recyclable bottle returns are donated to local charities on a regular basis. Cardboard and paper products are separated and recycled. Kitchen waste is reduced by the use of compost and by separating such items as used fat and cooking oils to ensure rapid decomposition while minimizing waste. Some oils can be recycled and used to make other products.

RGG is constantly evolving to stay ahead of industry trends in sustainability by continuously incorporating new green initiatives into our program.

Our commitment extends to our food service products and we exclusively provide glassware and china with reusable cutlery rather than disposable dishware. Environmental biodegradable take-away packaging is provided and we ensure there is no use of polystyrene food service products.