Health and Safety

At RGG Catering, maintaining the safety and health of our guests and clients is our priority.  We commit to provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment while conforming to legislative (municipal, provincial and federal) requirements.

 Our facilities are all Alberta Health Services inspected and certified.​

Covid-19 Preparedness.

RGG Catering understands the impact of Covid-19 and is committed to ensuring the safety of our clients and employees.  Although the Canadian Food Inspection Agency states that there is no evidence to suggest that food is a likely source or route of transmission of the virus and at this time, there have been no reported cases of food or food packaging being associated with the transmission of COVID-19.  RGG Catering  continue’s to follow good hygiene practices during food handling and preparation, such as:

      • contactless delivery
      • individually packaged meals when required
      • routinely washing hands
      • masks are worn and changed regularly and social distancing guidelines are followed
      • regularly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces
      • cooking meat thoroughly
      • avoiding potential cross-contamination between cooked and uncooked foods
      • facilities are sanitized with Ultraviolet Light on a daily basis