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And now... your feature presentation! With over 15 years of experience serving the film catering industry, RGG Catering understands that food is a critical factor in the success of your event. Our mission is to produce the freshest, most flavorful memories of your event and customize the catering for every guest. All our food is cooked fresh on location because of our unique “action stations” that we bring along with us specifically for that purpose.

Furthermore, we truly subscribe to a “farm-to-table” philosophy and source our food from local farms. So when we say “fresh,” we mean it! We can customize and cook for any diet – Keto, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, etc – so let the show begin!

Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Imagine that your upcoming event is about to start. RGG Catering is just now arriving with their action stations to prepare a selection of local, farm-fresh ingredients into a fully-customized menu of delicious food that you’ve personally chosen. There are your favorites, the crowd favorites of those attending your event, and even some very delicious options for those with special dietary needs, like your cousin.

When you tell everyone that it’s time to get some food, you watch as RGG Catering handles it with class and ease from start to finish. They are exceedingly professional and surprisingly efficient. They get everyone served with delicious food in record time.

But the service also has a ton of personality. It’s not just a buffet line like most catering companies who stand around and watch you serve yourself – there is a real chef looking at you, talking to you while your food is being cooked. There is an entertainment value, a personality value, and an aesthetic you can’t quite get anywhere else.

This is different, this is delicious. This is a night to remember. Everyone tells you so. And it’s all thanks to RGG Catering.

About Us

Rob Gibbs

Chef, Owner

Chef Rob Gibbs has always been passionate about food. From an early age he was inspired by family dinner parties and international travel experiences. His diverse and successful career in the culinary world officially began in restaurants at the young age of 15, where he exhibited an inquisitive and curious mind as well as a strong work ethic.

Rob completed his professional culinary training at Vancouver College Culinary facility in the heart of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. As an inspired young cook, he honed his culinary skills and expanded his creative talents with an apprenticeship at the famous Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. He performed as a Chef de Partie and was responsible for the daily operations of a busy food and beverage department, as well as planning the menu for the 900 West restaurant in the hotel.

Taking that experience, Rob got into the movie and television catering industry. He was fortunate enough to provide catering services for major motion pictures and many celebrity actors. In addition to large motion pictures, the company provided catering to the production executives and cast and crew involved in the production of commercials, television series and movies of the week. This position provided Rob with the opportunity to meet the intensive requirements, specialty diet regimens, and tight schedules of a variety of show business crew members, executives and celebrities.

Rob then took a position as a restaurant chef at the popular franchise restaurant Earls. Rob was able to see opportunities for improvement within the restaurant and he used his position to streamline Earl’s processes. This resulted in increased food sales, employee loyalty, and recognition.

Rob’s culinary reputation, experience, and connections led to him accepting a position as a Regional Corporate Chef for a leading camp services company. Rob has successfully managed over 35 remote camps simultaneously in western Canada and was responsible for the hiring and training of more than 200 employees. Many of his former apprentices and trainees have successfully gone on to become chefs and executive chefs throughout Canada. Rob’s success stems from his belief that training is never complete.

During this time, Rob was responsible for remotely overseeing up to 700 contract employees at any one time. Rob was instrumental in a major flood relief effort which involved the assembly of a 1200 man camp. The camp had 3 unique restaurants each with their own menu items: one for classic food, another for regional tastes, and the final one serving international dishes. His role involved managing staff, executing menus, and remotely ensuring that flood relief crews of up to 250 men were fed overnight. He was also responsible for many other government issued camps including SRD fire base camps, oil and gas and mining camps.

RGG Catering was born out of Rob’s commitment to seeing every area of his craft perfected, including the lesser-considered aspects of sustainable sourcing. Rob has created strong partnerships with regional producers and resources as well as those who provide local, sustainable cuisine. RGG Catering is dedicated to creating the freshest, most flavorful memories for their clients.

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